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Dave's Health and Nutrition, LLC is a BBB Accredited Health Food / Nutritional Supplement Store in Salt Lake City, UT

Dave's Herbal Formulas

Dave CardI created Dave's Herbal Formulas from mostly organic and wild-crafted herbs to offer in my clinical practice. These unique combinations seem to be gentle enough for long term use and effective enough to use short term. Many of my clients have enjoyed using them and have seen increased overall well being. — Dave

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Customer comments are actual words customers used to tell their experience with Dave's Herbal Formulas.

I have been using Respiratory for one month. I have genetic asthma. I was born with it. I have been on Albuterol, Advair and Spiriva. I am now off all these medications. I am breathing better than I have my whole life. It is amazing. – Wendy M, April 2013

Dave's Adrenal FormulaAdrenal Formula

Stress symptom support

Adaptogenic herbs

Endocrine support

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Dave's Digestive FormulaDigestive Formula

    Digestive herbs

    Normal stomach acid

    Gas and bloating

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Dave's Energy FormulaDave's Energy FormulaEnergy Formula (Caps & Spray)

Natural energy

Mental alertness

Adrenal support

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Dave's Glucostable Formula Glucostable Formula

Blood sugar level support

Mental alertness

Adrenal support

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Dave's Heart FormulaHeart Formula

    Cardiovascular support


    Gas and bloating

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Dave's Kidney FormulaKidney Formula

    Urinary tract health

    Respiratory function


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Digestive Formula - Love how it makes my daughter’s digestive tract work properly – no side effects at all, gentle; she takes it over the usual enzymes. I can see a big difference in energy levels. Working all summer with youth, it got her through the week! – Terri

Energy Formula helped me reduce and finally eliminate Diet Coke without headaches or other withdrawal symptoms. – Marcia T

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Dave's Liver FormulaLiver Formula

Liver support

Digestive health

Gas and bloating

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Dave's Liver FormulaLower Bowel

Soothing intestinal lining

Nutrient assimilation support


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Dave's Memory FormulaMemory Formula

Brain health

Stress symptom support


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Dave's Mood FormulaMood Formula

Nervous system support

Stress symptoms

Digestive support

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Dave's Moon Phases FormulaMoonPhases Formula

Adrenal support

Menopause hormone health

Hot flash support

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Dave's Mother's Milk-Aid FormulaMother's Milk-Aid Formula

Healthy lactation

Gas and bloating

Colic symptoms

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Dave's Nerve Relief FormulaNerve Relief Formula

Nervous system support

Nerve sensations

Peripheral circulation health

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Dave's Ocean TonicOcean Tonic Formula

Plant source of iodine

Nutrition from sea vegetables

Mineral source

Dave’s Mood Formula is Wonderful – Helps keep me emotionally balanced and sleep much better! Thanks! – Pam L

I have tried the hormone replacement, patches. Nothing did the job, although it kind of helped with hot flashes. I was suffering from hot flashes (5 an hour, sick, nausea, hot/cold during the night, and mood affected. When I started taking Moon Phases, it started to decrease. While working my three 12-hour shifts, I noticed only 3 hot flashes in 3 days. Just bought more. Much happier now. Gail A

I started taking Dave’s Positive Mind three months ago. Since then, I’ve noticed that my day is more peaceful. I have better success in fulfilling my daily errands. At first I was skeptical with regards to natural remedies, but am now a true believer.  – Robert A

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Dave's Possitive Mind FormulaPositive Mind Formula

Brain support

Nervous system health

Supports calmness

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Dave's Recovery FormulaRecovery Formula

Joint and muscle support

Bone and connective tissues

Fluid retention

Customer Comments>

Dave's Release FormulaRelease Formula

Colon Health


Sleep support

Dave's Relief FormulaRelief Formula

Joint health

Pain symptom support

Muscle health

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Respiratory Formula

Soothe mucous membranes

Upper respiratory support

Mucous expectorant

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Dave's RingDizzy Formula

RingDizzy Formula


Circulation support

Ringing Ears

Dave's Seasonal Defense FormulaSeasonal Defense Formula

Cold symptom support

Immune support

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Dave's Serenity Now FormulaSerenity Now Formula

Nervous system health

Stress symptom support


Dave's SkinCare AEP FormulaSkinCare AEP Formula

Skin Support

Liver Health

Dave's Sleep FormulaSleep Formula

Sleep support

Nerve and muscle support

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Dave's Sleep Spray FormulaSleep Spray Formula

Natural sleep remedy

Nerve support

Muscle support

Dave's Sneezonal FormulaSneezonal Defense Formula

Immune Support

Natural source of Vitamin C

Digestive Herbs

Dave's Stable Mind FormulaStable Mind Formula

Nerve support

Calmness for Balance

Stress support

Dave's Vascular Health FormulaVascular Health Formula

Vascular support



Dave's Vein Strength FormulaVein Strength Formula

Vein Support


Hemorrhoid symptoms

Dave's Virility FormulaVirility Formula

Male Hormone Support


Prostate Support

Dave's Vocalize Formula Spray Vocalize Formula

Soothes and Replenishes Throat

Supports Vocal Folds

Enhances Voice Quality

Dave's Xappetite SprayXappetite Spray

Appetite control

Metabolism support

Lower sugar cravings

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