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Facial Diagnosis Pictures

These are some of the pictures contained in Facial Diagnosis of Cell Salt Deficiencies.
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Ferrum phos deficiency (dark brownish circles under the eye)

Ferrum Phos deficiency is seen in the brownish dark circles under the eye.



Nat mur deficiency (large pores around the nose)

Nat Mur deficiency is seen in large
pores on and around the nose.


Nat Sulph cell salt deficiency (Bags under the eyes)

Nat Sulph deficiency is seen in
swollen sacks under the eyes.


Kali Sulph deficiency (white patches, freckles)

Kali Sulph deficiency is seen in both
the freckles and white patches.


Nat Phos deficiency (acne)

Nat Phos deficiency is
seen in acne such as this.


Calc Fluor deficiency (cubic wrinkles under eyes)

Calc Fluor deficiency is seen in cubic
wrinkles under the eye.

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