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Dave's Health and Nutrition, LLC is a BBB Accredited Health Food / Nutritional Supplement Store in Salt Lake City, UT

Learn with Dave's Books & Seminars

Dave has spent years learning, by study and application, and loves sharing his knowledge with you about Cell Salts, Facial Diagnosis, Healing and more.


Facial Diagnosis of Cell Salt Deficiencies

Facial Diagnosis of
Cell Salt Deficiencies
(Hohm Press, 2005)

You'll learn to detect mineral deficiencies by reading the facial signs of color, wrinkles, and texture while learning uses of each cell salt.

12 Essenstial Minerals for Cellular Health

12 Essential Minerals
for Cellular Health

(Hohm Press, 2007)

The easiest book for those wanting to learn about cell salts. Everyone should have this book! Learn fast these 12 minerals used to help the body.

Seven Symbols of Healing

Seven Symbols of Healing Body, Mind, Spirit
(Markine Wright Graphics, 2005)

Learn the art of balancing health through the the many types of healing remedies, the "seven symbols" and using kineseology to detect need of a specific remedy in minutes.


Cell Salt Poster

Cell Salt Poster

You can have your own full-size 19" x 25" poster of the cell salts used in their seasons of the year according to zodiac, alchemical, and elemental properties.

The Power of Cell Salts
2-Day Seminar

Learn to use the power of cell salts along with the knowledge of facial diagnosis.

15 Cds w/ Workbook

Medical Astrology:
The Seven Symbols of Healing
2-Day Seminar

Healing in a whole new light, using heavenly symbols, natural healing remedies,
and kineseology.

11 Cds w/ Workbook

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